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Dialysis Management Specialist

Advanced Medical and Kidney Institute

Board Certified Internal Medicine & Nephrology, A Private Medical Practice located in Apple Valley, CA

Advanced Medical and Kidney Institute in Apple Valley, California, offers complete dialysis management services to treat kidney disease. Board-certified nephrologist, Sunil Patel, DO, and his team have extensive experience in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. They offer in-office treatments as well as resources for at-home dialysis. If you’re looking for reliable kidney care and compassionate dialysis management services, call Advanced Medical and Kidney Institute or request an appointment online.

Dialysis Management Q&A

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment for an acute kidney injury or chronic kidney disease. The purpose of the treatment is to assist your kidneys with removing excess fluids and waste from your blood when the organs aren’t functioning properly.

In addition to waste removal, dialysis helps to maintain safe levels of minerals and salts in your blood and helps keep your blood pressure in the normal range.

The team at Advanced Medical and Kidney Institute offers in-office and at-home dialysis services to meet your needs. They offer both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

What is the difference between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis?

Hemodialysis is a process to remove fluids and waste from your blood through an artificial device that works like your kidney. This type of dialysis involves creating an access point in your blood vessels during a minor surgery to join an artery to a vein and create a larger blood vessel (fistula) or to place a soft tube (graft).

Blood leaves your body through the access point and moves through the artificial kidney machine to filter your blood before returning back to your body.

In peritoneal dialysis, surgery is necessary to place a catheter into your abdomen (peritoneal cavity) to make an access point. During the treatment, a special fluid known as dialysate moves through the catheter into your abdomen to draw out extra fluids and waste products without blood having to leave your body.

How long do I need dialysis?

You may need dialysis only for a short time or for the rest of your life, depending on the type of kidney injury or disease you have.

For those with advanced kidney failure, long-term dialysis treatments may be necessary until you’re able to get a kidney transplant.

The team at Advanced Medical and Kidney Institute provides comprehensive dialysis services to ensure you receive the treatments you need to support good health. Whether you need in-office dialysis or at-home dialysis, they can work with you on a treatment plan. 

The physicians also help you manage your diet and lifestyle to support your dialysis treatments.

To learn more about options available for dialysis, call Advanced Medical and Kidney Institute or request a consultation online today.